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Dear Little Fork Family,

Have you heard the saying, “Everyone has a story”?  Here at Little Fork we are a group of diverse and wondrous people.  There are those who have been all over the world serving as missionaries, others serving locally at the Food Pantry, Transitional Housing, teaching children in school or scouts, working to heal racial injustice or were themselves given the hope and healing of God’s loving-kindness.  This is where the “Stories of Faith” project comes in.


Telling one’s own story can call up a lot of fear and anxiety.  We think that our story is unimportant or that we may be criticized.  Our hope, here at Little Fork, is that by sharing our stories we will get to know each other at a deeper level.  But more importantly, your story could make a tremendous difference in someone else’s life!   Many non-Christians dismiss their need for God because they don’t see how God is relevant to their daily life.  Some people may feel an emotional void, or anger because they lack a relationship with God.  They just don’t realize what they are missing. 


Randy Ruffin wrote about her and Dick’s story in the July Newsletter.  This month Frank Laimbeer is sharing his story.  Please, if you can, let us know what brought you to Little Fork Church.  Why do you like coming here?  What is it about Little Fork that is important to you? And maybe, how has God worked in your life?  We will not publish anything without your permission.  We will not be putting these stories necessarily in the Newsletter, but they would be on the website.  It need not be long.  If you would like, someone could interview you. 


Remember, there are those people in our community who do not yet know that Little Fork will be their church family too.


Thank you and May God Bless you all!


Gaylene Laimbeer

Sr. Warden