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Welcome to Little Fork Church!

As the anniversary of the birth of our country approaches, it is natural to celebrate the history and life of Little Fork Church.  In 6 short years it will be the 250th year since the building of this ‘Chapel of Ease’.  A greater reason to celebrate, is that within these walls lives a vibrant church family!  Many come in curiosity and awe of our historic building but stay because of the love and acceptance that we have for one another.  I thought it appropriate to include an article written by The Rev. John Desaulniers that appeared in a newsletter in October, 1991.  The points he made then are still relevant today.

The Vestry and Search Committee have been busy interviewing for a Part-time Priest.  I am hopeful that soon I can tell you good news.  Because of that search some of our projects have been put on hold.  We still plan on developing a new website so that we can better reach those who are looking for a Church family.   And we are slowly getting the ‘Stories of Faith’ project going. 

Meanwhile we’ve been doing business as usual.  We are replacing the HVAC units for the Parish Hall that are 20 years old.  We replaced one that was not working earlier this year, and just replaced the heat pump for the basement.   Also, one of our beautiful oak trees was dying and posed a threat to the Church building.  We moved quickly to have it removed before damage could occur.  

It is with sadness we will bid adieu to Dick and Randy Ruffin as they move away from our family.  Please join us for a Bon Voyage Picnic at John and Beth Turners on July 14th.  We wish them well on their new life in Charlottesville and we will miss them.

As we look to our past, we also look to the future with hope for Little Fork.  These walls have seen both strife and joy in their history.  With God’s help they will continue to see a growing community of love and celebration for years to come.

May God Bless You All,

Gaylene Laimbeer

Sr. Warden