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Inspirations and Aspirations of a Small Church

Hello and welcome to Little Fork Church!  Here we are more than just a historical building.  Here we are a family and love is a way of life!  It’s been a while since we’ve had a newsletter and it’s time to bring you up to date with the happenings at Little Fork.  We are in Transition, and during this time the Vestry is promoting a vision of hope for Little Fork’s future.  Transition means change and change can be good! 

Better Together – The Little Fork family may be small, but we are mighty in what we’ve achieved.  Ginger’s Garden produced a bounty of produce for the Culpeper Food Closet this past summer.  We’ve reached out to other denominations and faiths.  With both St Luke Lutheran Church and Beulah Baptist Church we’ve shared in mission and fellowship such as the Culpeper HEAT Shelter, a Blood Drive, and worship with our Men’s and Women’s Ministries.  We’ve also reached out to the Muslim Community in Culpeper and shared in Friendship Dinners.   We believe the Holy Spirit is urging us to get together...and talk together... and listen together...and stand together for the content of our character, not the color of our skin.  We hope to continue joint outreach with both St. Luke’s and Beulah so together we can accomplish more and be the Church that God uses.

Casting the Net – Being in Transition also means that we are without a Priest-in-Charge.  We were approached by St. Luke Lutheran Church to share a Priest with them.  It was the hope that together we could better find a candidate who was looking for a full-time position.  While sharing with St. Luke’s is still a possibility, it is on hold for now.  They may have found a minister to fulfill a part time position.   The Vestry has approached the Diocese about searching for our own part time priest.  We should start accepting names in mid-March.  We don’t know what the future may bring without trying.  But we will keep praying, as Emmitri used to pray: “We pray for those who do not yet know that someday Little Fork Episcopal Church might be their home too”.   Stay tuned for updates!

Onward and Upward – Another thing we are doing is developing a new website and updating our current website and social media.  Please check out LittleForkChurch.org and our FaceBook and Instagram pages.  One of the ideas to help our family grow is to gather personal stories of your journey to Little Fork and what being a member means to you.  This will not be published for the public unless we specifically have your permission.  But it is hoped that we can share these stories among our members. It would be called “The Stories of Faith Project”.  Please consider sharing your story with us!  Contact Jay Lewis for more information.

Until next time!

May God bless you!

Gaylene Laimbeer - Sr. Warden