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Past Events


John & Beth Turner's Bon Voyage pic-nic for Dick and Randy Ruffin














Little Fork Church Ladies host Beulah Baptist Ladies for Tea.

June 2019








2019 Palm Sunday






 2019 Spring Cleanup Day!







2019 Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper & Talent Show.

Everyone had a wonderful time at the pancake supper & talent show. Thank you to the Men's Ministry "St. Brigid's Brigade" for cooking and thank you to all of the talented people who participated in the talent show. It was an entertaining evening!










 2018 Greening of The Church

     Fresh greens, poinsettias, fruit and hurricane lamps were placed in the windows.

                                                                      Friends gathered to prepare for the season.


 Little Fork's Doors are open to everyone!


2018 Christmas Pageant

The Pageant was beautiful. Everyone did an amazing job!