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Altar Guild

The Altar Guild at Little Fork prepares the altar for all services. We care for the consecrated elements, keep the silver and the brass polished and launder and iron the linens.  We meet several times during the year to keep up with any changes that
have been made to our established protocols. Supplies of wine, wafers and candles are maintained in proper amounts. Members work in teams, taking responsibility for the proper vesting of the altar throughout the year.
 National Altar Guild Prayer
Most gracious Father Who has called me Your child to serve
in the preparation of Your Altar, so that it may be a suitable place
for the offering of Your Body and Blood;
Sanctify my life and consecrate my hands so that I may worthily handle
Those Sacred Gifts which are being offered to You.
As I handle holy things, grant that my whole life may be illuminated
and blessed by You, in whose honor I prepare them,
and grant that the people who shall be blessed by their use,
May find their lives drawn closer to Him Whose Body and Blood
is our hope and our strength, Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN.
 The National Altar Guild Association (NAGA)
The purpose of the National Altar Guild Association (NAGA) is to assist parish, diocesan, and provincial altar guilds
 through information, resources, and communication, including a quarterly newsletter —the EPISTLE.