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Vestry Members

The Episcopal Church has always recognized baptized laity as ministers in the church and encourages active participation by members of the church in worship and governance.  The Vestry is the legal representative of the Parish in matters concerning its corporate property and the relation of the Parish to its Clergy.

While the priest of Little Fork takes care of the spiritual aspects of the parish, the Vestry are annually elected parishioners who take care of the financial management of the parish. The Vestry meets together the 2nd Monday of every month in the Parish Hall. Together, The Vestry consists of nine, two of which are called the “Church Wardens.”

Little Fork Church Vestry Board 2017-2018

Little Fork Vestry

Beth Turner-Sr. Warden

Roy Cabibbo-Jr. Warden

Jon Perry-Education


Molly Lewis

Jay Lewis

Gaylene Laimbeer-Outreach

Dick Ruffin- Treasurer